Testimonials from Past and Current Clients

I have ask some clients to make a few notes with regards to the experience they have had while dealing with me at Advance Miniatures Studio....

This is what they had to say:

"My experiences in using the Advance Painting Studios services - 2015/2016
Paul has done several historical 28mm scale commissions for me since I found his work on eBay 18 months ago.  I can only say my experience has been excellent.  Not just his 28mm painting style which is first class but he can paint to suit – grubby clothed Napoleonic’s foot, mounted, command  and artillery trudging through the Eastern European landscape in 1813-14 to wonderful Romans by Aventine in a Mediterranean landscape.   Or a cleaner style as examples of his work show. He has been very true to his word on exceeding my expectations as a customer.   
I appreciate painting quality and Paul shows buckets of quality in his painting services.   And to top it off he can base to a high standard look that many painters don’t or won’t do.  He will also do terrain and effects not just for vignettes but camps/forts etc.
After several purchases off eBay and several projects all by Paul he is happy to negotiate prices and offers a genuine fair cost for outstanding brush work.  I have another commission with him now.    In my many … many years of miniatures gaming and mostly appreciating painters who have high quality work and services Paul is right there at the top.  

The only risk is he may become too popular!

I’d strongly recommend him to everyone looking to have their 28mm miniatures painted."

Richard M,  Australia.


 "Working with Paul was a both a professional and enjoyable experience.  We collaborated, with his expertise,  to create a complex “center piece” for my Napoleonic War Gaming Table. It consisted of various miniatures, sourced from different resources, and throughout the entire process he kept me totally apprised of status with written updates and Work in Progress photos.
His workmanship is truly professional, the finished project was completed to my total satisfaction. I will be working with him again, and would have no hesitation in fully recommending his sourcing, and his painting/basing services.
His attention to detail and customer service is top notch."

Robert B ~ San Francisco USA


"Avalon Industries, (Advance Miniatures Studio’s eBay Face) in the person of Paul O'Gorman, is one of the very best miniature painting services available to collectors on eBay and the internet. I've had the great pleasure of purchasing a number of his outstanding offerings and can't rave enough about his artistry and attention to detail!
Paul's many beautiful figures are among the very best in my collection and I hope to add more of his top quality art work to it in the coming months!! I'm proud to highly recommend him as one of the best in the business in my 39 years in the hobby."
Mark S ~ USA

Advance Miniatures Studio.

"I have enjoyed working with Paul at AMS.
He has completed a number of commissions for me and I have found the end product exceptional.  I see this as a true collaborative process with dialogue at all stages of the work,
which has resulted in figures of exceptional quality and very much individually designed
for my needs.  The distance from the US was absolutely no problem and the delivery time was
exactly what he predicted from his current work load. 
He is a pleasure to work with."

Stephen F,  USA.



“I have been buying miniatures from Paul for three years now and they are consistently
of a very high standard that make excellent additions to my collection.
Paul is an outstanding painter who not only provides fine detail in his miniatures,
but he has an excellent eye for colour, so that units and formations consistently look
fantastic on both the tabletop and on display.

While I started purchasing his miniatures for the Roman period, I keep finding myself buying other miniatures simply because they look so good. It is also easy to recommend Paul not only for the quality of his work, but because he is good to work with. Miniatures are delivered quickly, are very well packed and Paul is easy to communicate with.
Working with him is always a pleasure.”

Dr David N  Faculty of Arts Australia.


I've bought several units over different periods from Paul at Advance miniature studios,
they are first class! Probably most importantly is the consistency of the painting which is of the highest level ( I prefer the "brighter" style) this is backed up by excellent ongoing updates and fast delivery.

Robert Sadler ~ South Africa