Painted Commissions ~ what’s involved?

Step 1. Decide on what you would like painted.  (A unit? A Warband? An Army?)

Contact the studio and secure a place. (This will depend on current workloads, best to check first to avoid disappointment)

Step 2. Post you’re Order to the Studio or I am happy to source the miniatures for you (In some cases a surcharge may apply)

Step 3. Provide details as to the Look your after, style of painting, colour schemes, terrain, overall theme, "Your Vision"

Step 4.  I get to work on your Order (Providing work in progress reports (emailed) as we progress to ensure we are on the same page.

Step 5. Final photos (emailed) and any adjustments, changes or alterations (if any) attended to.

Step 6. Your Order is posted back to you. (Full tracking and or registered post for both Domestic and International)

Step 7. Onto the Tabletop or display cabinet ;-)


Conditions of the Commission.

  * A deposit of 50% total value of the Painting Cost is required before commission commencement.

* Figures are to be cleaned of flash etc. and for the most part assembled. In some cases weapons etc.  Will not need to be.

* Pre-painted figures will not be accepted, but will make allowances for pre-undercoated in some circumstances.

* All postage and packing to and from the studio is to be paid by the client/customer.

* A minimum Order of 10 Miniatures (Infantry/Cavalry) with a Maximum of 150 per Order.

* All banners, Flags, decals, transfers, bases or any additional extras shall be provided before or during the commission.

* Please be sure as to your requirement's beforehand.  I will do my utmost to satisfy any and all issues.

* Additional surcharges may be incurred if significant changes are made throughout the commission.

* I will ensure to provide WIPS (Work in Progress Photos and Reports) as we Progress in a timely manner.

* I will provide a guideline as to the commission’s completion date, once commencement has begun.

* Any delays for "whatever reason" will be promptly informed of and if need be actioned accordingly.

* All return postage from the Studio will be tracked and or registered, for domestic or International no exceptions.

Multi-part (Plastic) Miniatures

Due to the nature of multi-part miniatures, (For example plastic, resin) it is best for the miniatures to be cleaned and assembled prior to posting to the studio. In this way the exact poses (Which can be almost endless) required can easily be achieved by you (the client) and saves a lot of needless communication. So for the obvious reasons uncleaned unassembled multi-part miniatures will not be accepted for commissions. Of course separate weapons banners etc. are fine; if any further clarification is required please contact.


In most cases PayPal is the easiest most efficient payment method, (required for International Payments) although for domestic payments bank deposit is available.

Additional Costs

If required I can source the figures, miniatures, and any additional items for your order. Full payment of the total order cost is required before commission commencement. This includes painting, cost of figures and any associated postage. An additional surcharge may be applied for this service, based on each individual commission requirements.


For example you may wish for a Particular Saga Warband or Napoleonic battalion painted to order, you pay for the (Warband/Battalion) figures, painting, and any additional Flags, Banners, bases, decals etc...Plus the postage from the distributor to the studio and return postage to you. In this way the commission can be underway with little or no fuss.

 In addition to the Pricing guide for painting, additional costs can spring up from time to time depending on individual needs.

 For example a medium scale Vignette with a scratch built bridge will incur additional costs to the painted figures, as well as additional time required.