Current Pricing

The following Price Guide is used as a general starting point. As each and every commission will be different so too will the costs involved. Some figures will require more work, some less so the final figure value will reflect these variations.  All figures are undercoated with Vallejo self-levelling Surface primer (Spray Gun) and painted with Quality Vallejo and Scale 75 paints and “Purity Sealed with a double coat of Matt Varnish. I have found using a Gloss then Matt finnish can create a Crazing or Cracked appearance depending on humidity etc.. a few years down the track, so Use the Double coat system.   Any additional requirements please ask. All Prices are in Australian Dollars.

Base costs for 28mm Figures

28mm Infantry ~ $12.5-$20 (Most figures will be $12.50-$15)

28mm Cavalry ~ $20-$40 (Most figures will be $20)

28mm Cannons/ Wagons/ Equipment / Additional Average $60

28mm Elephants mahout, howdah and crew $120+

Other Characters Varies $20 -$50

For Other scales 18mm, 40mm, 54mm and Larger (Unfortunately 15mm is not offered at this time, but maybe in the Future)

          (Please contact for a quote, Exact Price on application)

Pricing can vary somewhat due to figures used, individual’s requirement's etc.... but as a general rule this pricing schedule will cover most circumstances. Of course I can understand there will be some differences so if unsure please don't hesitate to contact.

The base cost does include basing of the figures onto a standard size base, (Bases to be provided) and whatever foliage, tufts, ground cover, you require.  Generally using the wonderful range from "Leadbear's Tufts" any variations only happy to help!

Basing: Generally I will use Vallejo Texture paste with additional Grit Base and a range of "Flora" products "Leadbear’s" Tufts and Flowers, various Grasses etc.

As an example for a Standard european Base look - This I paint with Burnt umber and add two highlights an earth and a lighter tone Leaving some partially exposed, onto the "Earth base" to complete a Standard European look for example:  By Adding static Grass (Light Green, Mid Green and an Olive varying lengths ) and/or "Tufts" (Wild Grass, Green, Light Green, Dry, Beige) and/or additional Flowers Range of Colours available (Yellow, White, Red, Purple, Pink),

In addition "Puddles" "Snow" can be crated of course using quality Vallejo Products.  Your choice, your "Look" Your "Way" Any combination you prefer!

Anything your after only too happy to help.